Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My First Review!

 I have heard throughout my life that EVERYONE has something special that they can accomplish that is special to themselves.  I marvel at women like that who has found a special ability.  Probably because I have yet to find what mine is!  

I dont remember exactly when or how I found Loris Lovelables over on Facebook but have never regretted finding it!   Lori is one very amazingly talented woman!  She makes and sells some of the most original hats I have ever seen.  What amazes me even more is that she makes each and everyone of these without any type of pattern to guide her!   I like to think that we have somewhat become friends!  

My daughter has alway been a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan and the I knew when I saw the Skully cap over at Loris Loveables I just had to have one for her!  The perfect Christmas gift!  

I can say I was very surprised at how well made it was.  Very professional. Even down to the Loris Loveables label!   My Daughter loves it!   Wears it all the time!

With the great experience that I had with the Skully cap...I sent Lori a picture of a hat that I thought I would like to try for myself. I have never been much a hat wearer but I saw this style and thought to myself....why not...who knows you may like it!  From just the picture I sent her Lori made me the perfect hat!  When I first put it on it fit a little tight but after an hour of wearing it, it now fits perfectly!  And the non-hat wearer has become a frequent hat wearer!

Loris Lovable has many styles to choose from in her album.  Pricing is affordable and shipping is prompt.   If you dont see what you are looking for ASK!  I have yet to see a style or pattern that she cannot master!  I highly recommend her!

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  1. I just received my first newsboy hat from her and I love it.