Sunday, January 30, 2011

Diet Day #14

Kudos to Las Vegas!!!  The drops have arrived and I am ready to get started again!  I started yesterday afternoon again eating the fatty, greasy, oily foods and will do so again today so I can get going tomorrow losing even more!!

They say when you are dieting to pay attention to how your clothes are fitting.  Anyone that is the slightest bit overweight should be able to relate to this.  You know when you first put on your jeans and you get that OMG they feel so tight feeling. The one where you can see the "muffin top" effect in full force.  You sit there saying hurry up and loosen up a bit (the way they do when you wear them for a while).
For the fist time in a long time, my jeans dont do that! They fit almost perfectly!  My "muffin top" is less noticeable!  Now granted the size is still good (16) and i so hope to change that but just the fact that they actually feel good when I first put them on is awesome!

So the scales read 194.0 this morning so that is my new starting point!
I am going to enjoy the day eating some foods that I have actually missed but try not to overdo it too much! 
I am so excited!

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