Monday, January 24, 2011

Diet Day #8

I knew a day spent with family would be tough!  Especially when part of the outing required going to a restaurant to have a meal.  As I sat there with my family each of us with menu in hand and all of them talking about what they were going to order, I found myself thinking OMG everything on here is either fried, greasy or starch ridden!  What in the world was I going to find that I could actually eat and not do too much damage to my diet!  

As the waitress was taking orders from everyone else (of course they were ordering pasta, fried chicken, hamburgers~~all the foods I wanted to eat myself) I bolstered myself to ask if they had anything that was maybe a bit more healthier.  With much ribbing from my family I decided upon a tuna salad. I was worried that the mayo would have too much oil but I had to try something!  I had resigned myself to not losing any weight for the day!  

When the food arrived I looked at the salad and thought?  should I do this?  should take the chance? There was lots of lettuce, some tomato, cheese, boiled eggs and two delicious looking mound of tuna!  I decided what the hell....go for it!  This whole salad was probably more calories than I was allowed in several days! As I sat eating and enjoying every luscious bite I just had to tell myself "Its okay!  You can always do the diet thing again tomorrow"  My stomach was already use to having very little food for the past several days so that I felt full very quickly.  But did I stop eating?  No!  Of course not!  I ate so much my stomach hurt!  I just knew that the scales would go in the wrong direction in the morning! 

Trepidly I stepped on the scale this morning expecting to see that I had gained a pound or two. Much to my surprise I was at  195.6!   YAY  I didnt gain!  After all that eating I still lost a pound!   

So now its back to the grindstone to see how much more I can lose! 

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