Friday, January 21, 2011

Diet Day #5

I am not going to lie...Yesterday was tough!! I honestly feel that I "thought" I was hungry when in reality I think it was much more my brain telling me that I should be eating. And the water....UGH the water....I felt like I had drunk enough to choke a horse!  More than anything I miss my Diet Coke!  I think that is going to be the real test for me. I know that Most diet sodas claim to have 0 calories, but I also know that they are full of salt.  And salt makes your body retain water. So as much as I miss it I am going to try my hardest to leave them be.  
 I made it through that first day though! AND the scales dont lie!  I was a bit skeptical about this whole HCG diet and to be honest still am a bit. This morning the scale read 201.4!  So yes I am down 3 lbs from when I started.  

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