Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Got Dieting blues.....

All the diets I have done in my life had all had one thing in some point I always seem to get a major bad attitude!!   When you dont see the results you want the frustration sets in and it causes your whole world to go topsy- turvy!    You know that its bad when you dont even want to be around yourself with that kind of attitude!   I am so having one of those days!  

I have been "stalled" for the past few days at 189 lbs....I have gone over and over everything I have eaten, done, and cannot figure out why I am stalled. After a few days of this all that comes to mind is just forget are destined to be big and all I want to do is go eat what I want and how much I want! So instead of eating here I sit writing this blog trying to take my mind off of the I want to eat feeling.

AND I finally found a tape measure this morning and all I can say is UGH!!   Its worse than I imagined!!   I look in the mirror and to be honest I dont see where I look all that bad....however the numbers dont lie!

I got some great ideas from the ever helpful folks over at  Las Vegas  of some ideas to try to get off this plateau so am going to give it my best shot!   Its just so frustrating!  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cuddlebug Babies Review

I am so loving the Beach Bag / Towel combo I received from Cuddlebug Babies!  
Am glad I live in California so that I can use this all year round! 

Cuddlebug Babies is a small boutique that specializes in baby clothing and accessories. We make custom orders including personalization with machine embroidery. Most of our items are handmade on site, so allow 1-3 weeks for processing and delivery

Dana is a full time working mother of 2. In her spare time she make embroidered baby gifts and pretty much anything people ask her for. A total gem to work with!  Her items are high quality and very well made! And as she is a postal carrier they ship very quickly! 

Some other items you can find in her shop:

Lovie ready to monogram!  Can be made in colors and themes customized just for you! 

Great gift set for that new baby!

Everyone loves crayon rolls!  Can be customized with your childs name!

I highly recommend visiting the Cuddlebug Babies web page also for even more great items!  

FavorKreationz Review

Introducing  FavorKreationz!!   

They offer custom made invitations for all occasions as well as party favors and personalized gift items.
                                                                                                                             I received a variety of their products.  I am very impressed with the quality of the work! Each item is very well made.  Each and every item shows me that Marilyn (owner) is compassionate about what she does and does it very well! ! 

The party set (pictured above) can be made in many different themes and contains: Custom printed invitations with white envelopes, favor bag toppers, cupcake toppers and napkin rings.  

Tumbled marble tile pendant on a black cord necklace.  Great gift idea for those hard to buy tweens and teens....and again can by customized to a word of your choice.  

On the left is a sample coaster sets are 4"x4" tiles with a cork backing. We can make with any image and wording. I know mine will b well used here on my computer desk!
To the right  is a 4"x4" tile with a beautiful floral decoration and a pink ribbon to hang in a girl's room. Can be personalized with any name. Also has some crystal adornments. 

FavorKreationz can also take a family photo that you provide and put it on the tiles to make personalized coasters/wall hangings.  How about one of a pet for those pet lovers out there?  Or a Birth Announcement?
So many endless possibilities!

Pricing is very affordable!!  

Monday, March 7, 2011

HCG Pellets vs Liquid

So yesterday I experimented by using the pellets in place of the HCG drops. The pros of the pellets is that they are much easier to measure.  The downside that I discovered was that I was STARVING all day!    I was advised to take an extra pellet or two than the recommended dosage for this very reason, which I did but still felt hungry all day!  The other downside is that I went back up to 190.8lbs!   I still followed the VLCD (very low calorie diet) but obviously have made the discovery that the pellets just don't work for me.
While I totally understand that its a personal choice, I for one will not be purchasing or using the pellets any longer.

I am not discouraged, and have gone back to the liquid form today.  I know that the pound I gained will be easily lost.   I really need to find me a measuring tape clothes fit different so I know that I am losing inches too but have not been keeping track. Maybe I can get them posted in tomorrows blog....

But as for my opinion of pellets vs drops.....the drops win hands down!  :0)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diet Updated......

Its been way too long since I had the time to post on here so I thought it was time to update my progress on my diet journey!

Recap:  I started using  the HCG drops from Las Vegas in January.  My starting weight was 204.6 lbs.  I did the 15 day "session" and lost 15lbs.   There were a few ups and downs, i dropped my bottle and broke it, I cheating here and there but overall was very happy with the results!

I wanted to take a few days break before starting another session.  One of the issues I have with the HCG diet drops is the measurements of the drops.  I am never quite sure if I am using too much or not enough.  So I purchased the "pellets" to begin my second round.  Then life stepped in and interrupted all my well laid plans.  I had visitors from out of town come to visit for a couple of weeks. It is really hard to maintain a diet plan when you are the "cook" for other members of the household. I also caught a cold and spent several days just feeling like garbage (am also over it). So I scrapped my plans and tried to just maintain the weight loss that I had already accomplished.  Welllllll  that didnt go so well either,. I am sad to say.  I put back on 4 of the pounds I lost.  But considering everything I felt that 4lbs was really not all that much.

I have since starting again and am on Day #3 of the VLCD.  I began with the drops (however today I am doing an experiment to see if I get the same results by using the pellets only) and am now at 189.6 which is back to my original 15lbs loss.  I have a goal of losing at least another 25-30 lbs.  So I still have a long way to go. One thing I have noticed so far this round, I am not nearly as hungry as I was the last time.

With all the dieting that I have done throughout my life,  I must admit that the HCG diet has been one of the easiest and most effective that I have done.  You do have to discipline yourself to stick to it.  I am going to try to keep the blog posts update on a daily basis as it helps me enormously to keep it honest.  

If you need to lose some weight and are contemplating a diet, I really do suggest you look into the HCG diet plan.   Las Vegas has been very helpful and supportive so go take a look around and see if this diet plan is for you!  I for one would just like to say a big THANKS to them for all the help I have gotten  :0)