Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Diet Day 10! Disaster Has Struck!

Not only did the scale disappoint me this morning (it read exactly the same as yesterday!) But in my rush to get in the office this morning, my precious bottle of  HCG fell out of my purse onto the pavement and shattered!  I almost wanted to cry watching that liquid spreading all over the ground!  I have asked myself all morning....OK so what now?  

I have decided to switch over to a low carb diet for a bit until I can get some replacement drops ordered. I dont know how my body will react to this but I do know from past dieting it has worked for me. I will say that the HCG has worked really well in the time that I have used it. And WILL use it again!

So guess I will need to go make and order over at Las Vegas HCG soon!   I will still post what progress I am making with the low carb thing.......heres to hoping that it will work!

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! I have worried about that happening to my bottle too! Good luck when you start up again. Enjoy your extra days of gorging! :D (That is my favorite