Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diet Day 2!!

The basics:
Six drops, six times a day. Basically every 2 – 2.5 hours. Hold under tongue for 15 seconds.
Days 1‐3
Take the drops and GORGE. Eat as much as you can and focus on fatty, oily, greasy fried foods.
Like peanut butter, French fries, McDonalds would be a great choice. You can eat whatever
you want but sometimes carbs and sugars will make you gain more than you want. The idea is
to get the HCG into your system while you flood your body with fat. This way you will NOT be
hungry come day 4 which is the first day on VLCD.

I fail to see how "gorging" oneself is going to help you lose weight.  In fact I have actually gained a bit on the first day!  I know its all psychological but the word diet implies that you lose weight not gain!  As I stepped on the scale this morning and saw the number 205.2 it makes my day start out not feeling very well about this!!   am however following the protocol to the letter!  I have to remember that this will only be a few days!

I have one slight problem that I have to deal with......Call me strange but I never have and still dont like the taste of "plain water" !!!   ALL diets require that you drink a lot of water.  I have always had to force myself to drink water! I have tried using a slice of lemon, lime, you name it and still have a hard time drinking water! 

Well......I am going to keep on with the game plan and see where this leads........

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