Monday, January 17, 2011

Diet Day 1!!

Even though I knew this day was coming,  I took the weekend to eat everything my little heart desired!  And I am sure paying for it already!  I gained over 5 lbs !  Subconsciously I knew it was not a good thing to do but as any well versed dieter would think, I know that some of the foods I enjoyed over the weekend I wont EVER get to eat again!  At least not if I want to stay thin! 

I have already taken my first set of drops this least that part wasnt hard!  I feel that by following protocol the first few days wont be so bad either!  (see protocol below)

The basics:
Six drops, six times a day. Basically every 2 – 2.5 hours. Hold under tongue for 15 seconds.
Days 1‐3
Take the drops and GORGE. Eat as much as you can and focus on fatty, oily, greasy fried foods.
Like peanut butter, French fries, McDonalds would be a great choice. You can eat whatever
you want but sometimes carbs and sugars will make you gain more than you want. The idea is
to get the HCG into your system while you flood your body with fat. This way you will NOT be
hungry come day 4 which is the first day on VLCD.

I have been debating over the past few days as to whether or not I should post my weight on here. I dont have too many full body pics of myself but did find one that I could share.  I hate having my picture taken as in mos of them I look extremely fat! For that matter there are not many pics of me period!  I need to keep it honest here sooo.......

Day 1: Starting weight 204.6 lbs!

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  1. Hi Brenda. Are you doing the Hcg diet? my husband and I have done that diet many times but we did the shots. I lost a good amount of weight each time but keeping it off was extremely hard for me. You litterally have to change your eating habits or it comes back on i have found. I wish you the best on your diet. Look forward to seeing your progress.
    Kristin Scent