Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diet Day #6 Success!

So far so good!   I have to admit that so far the HCG diet has been quite the success!  I actually had to step on the scales twice this morning because I just did'nt believe it the first time.!  But even the second time it still read 198.6!!  That amounts to 6lbs gone!  YAY!

I must admit that I "cheated" yesterday.....I just HAD to have a diet coke!  HAD to in that my brain was telling me "oh go little bottle of "diet" coke wont hurt"  Even though this diet so far seems to be working exactly as it says it will, I have to say that from all my past experience of dieting this is not a diet for a person that has no will power.  I have heard from a lot of people that you dont feel hungry on this diet.  NOT!   I feel hungry all the time! Now whether its actual hunger pains or if its just in my head is a matter of debate. Example:  I live close to a "fast food" place, a few minutes ago I walked out my door only to smell the tantalizing aroma of a burger being fried and OH MY it smelled delicious!  My stomach automatically started growling!  What I wouldnt do for a juicy burger right now!  My mouth is just instead I came in the house and pulled out the bag of celery!  Not quite the fair trade....but a girl must do what a girl must do!

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