Saturday, February 12, 2011

What I love about HCG!

I absolutely love HCG!   I am so happy to have found Las Vegas!   The thing about HCG that I love the most is that it REALLY WORKS!   

When you follow the Protocol yes you do and will lose 2+ pounds a day!  But you can also take a few days off, get right back on it and still lose!  I am still a a couple of pounds up from my last "break" period.  But its coming off again!   I took the break just to experiment a bit to see what works for me.  I am never one to follow the rules....I always need to see what I can do to bend them!  

I switched over to the HCG pellets for this go around.  I heard a lot of mixed reactions about them but I am finding them just as effective and maybe a bit easier to use.  Easier in that you don't have to "measure" the amount that you take (I had some issues with the drops thinking that I was either not getting enough or too much).  The taste of the pellets is a bit better to me too.   Today is my day to again start the VLCD (very low calorie diet) all over.  Even while following the first two days of protocol, I lost a pound!  (192.4) 

So VLCD here I out scales!   

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diet Update!

It has been a while since I have done an update on  how things are going.  And I must say that this past week things have been going rather odd.   I am now at 193.4 lbs.  Up a bit since I quit taking the HCG drops that I got from Las Vegas!  One day my weight goes up and then next it goes back down again!  I am not sure what is causing the fluctuation but never the less it is happening!   It may be just do to the fact that mother nature has come calling with her monthly visit or may be that I have eaten a few things that I shouldnt?

I have been trying to do some experimenting with this whole thing to find out what works for me! As I think that everyone has to do when attempting to lose weight.  I do have some other health issues that I have to take into consideration (I will not go into those here).  I do feel that getting some of this weight off will benefit me greatly with the other health issues.

I ordered the "pellets" from Las Vegas and am going to begin again in earnest to get some of this weight off.   I ordered the pellets just to see which form of the HCG works best for me. It is my understanding that the pellets have other ingredients in them (ie carb blocker) so again I will just have to give it a try and see how they work for me.

A new day, a new we go again!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bubble Bee Creations Review!

I was so excited when Bubble Bee Creations said they wanted me to do a review on their products!  They have so many great designs it was really hard for me to even choose which product to review! 

We finally decided that a wine glass would be perfect! Once the decision was made which product it would be I was surprised at how fast it was made and arrived on my doorstep! It was thoroughly wrapped and protected in the shipping container so for the thousands of miles it traveled if was safe from any breakage. Isn't this just gorgeous? I must say that the pictures just don't do them justice as to how pretty it is in person!

 Rear view

There are many colors available for you to choose which one(s) you would like for your own special design. I of course chose the Link Bug colors! 

Color Chart

Also the font selections are awesome.  Its so hard to choose!  My Glass has the "City Scope" 

Font Selections 

I also ordered a set of the Mini Pink Heart Candles to give as a Valentine Gift.  They too are as adorable as can be! Mom is going to love these in her Valentine Basket! 

Jennifer is a gem to work with and as you can see very talented at what she does!   For those customized special gift items that you are looking for I highly suggest that you go visit Bubble Bee Creations!  Make sure you take a look over in her Esty shop too! She has so many great items to choose from!  

Here are a few more of my favorites you can find in her shop! 

These jars would be great for many things!

Bath Set
So Cute! 

Personalized Candles
This is a great idea for a gift set! 

Diet Break!

So at this point I have dropped a total of 15lbs!!   YAY!    I must say that without the help from Las Vegas I would not have been able to accomplish it!  

I am going to take a short break and see how easy it might be to keep the weight off!  (Or maybe I it wont be so easy?)  When I begin again in a couple of weeks I am contemplating trying the pellets as apposed to the drops.

Stay tuned for more updates of my diet journey!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Diet Day #18

It seems that its getting a bit harder for me to lose at this point but I am still losing a bit each day!  191.6 today!  so thats a total of  13 lbs lost since I began!

It may be due to the fact that I keep straying from the protocol set by Las Vegas or it may be that my body is just telling me its time for a short break?   Even when I stray its never by much (no more than 800 cals a day) with the exception of my Burger King binge!

I have decided to get my self under 190 lbs then take a short break to see if I can keep it under that mark before I try losing more.  This whole thing has been quite and experience but one that i have been happy and excited to try!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diet Day #17

There comes a day on EVERY diet that you just just know that no matter how hard you fight IT, you just know that there is not really anything you can do to stop IT, you just know to do IT and get IT out of your system!  IT = CHEAT!

Yesterday was my day!  I am not really sure what brings this feeling on, if its the thrill of doing something you know you are not supposed to or if its just the pull of all the social media (ie tv commercials, billboards, even radio adds) that are intended to make you WANT all the foods that you indulged in that made you overweight in the first place! I am probably way over analyzing the why's of this (most probably to have an excuse for it) but the fact remains that I gave in and did it!   Every single bite of that Burger King Chicken sandwhich was so good!  I savored every taste sensation it gave me! I could have stopped half way through as I already felt full but it was just so delicious I just couldnt stop myself!

The good news is that I didnt gain much from this, (only a few tenths of a pound--scale read 192.8 this morning) and I know that I can jump back in the saddle and continue on with my journey.  I feel that without the Las Vegas drops in my system this could have turned out a whole lot worse!

So here we go again..........

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Diet Day #16

This is one of the funniest pictures I have seen.....who ever heard of "Diet Water"??????  But I can almost guess that there are people out there desperate enough to buy this!

I had begun to think that my scales were broken and could'nt go below the 194.4 mark....but this morning it surprised me with a reading of 192.8!!   Thats  a total of 11.8lbs lost since I began!   I know that I would'nt have been able to do this on my own so I owe many thanks to Las Vegas!!

I went back to taking the drops every 2 1/2 hrs and drank more water (ugh!) and that seemed to help get me off the plateau I found myself on for the last few days.  And for the first time since I began this diet I was't hungry yesterday!   They say that you often confuse thirst for hunger.....maybe there is something to that.  But still with all the water I have been drinking you would think that I would just float away......

The one thing that I have not been able to stop using is the creamer for my coffee!  I do add the calories into my daily allotment, but I tried to drink it without and just cant do it.  I do recommend that you take the time to purchase some stevia....(you can find it in most grocery stores these days under the name Truvia).  It makes a world of difference!

So here's hoping for a couple of more pounds for today!  :0)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stella Dot Review

Thanks to Simply Stylish with Claire I received these gorgeous Ava Cupchain Earrings   from the Day to Night Collection for review.   Me being a person that wears white gold and silver jewelry only,  the Day to Night Collection is just my style!  These are of a quality they will last for a very long time. Not to mention they will go with most any outfit and can be used for any occasion.  Straight from the office to the after work cocktail party!  I will soon be ordering the Ava Cupchain Necklace to wear with them! 

Over at Claire's Stella Dot web page you can view all the collections available and are sure to find the perfect one to fit your style!  Not only will you find some gorgeous pieces, you can also find some great customer service with a smile!  

Diet Day #16

So its time to re-evaluate what I am doing as the scales seem stuck! I have stayed in the same range for about a week now (this morning 194.4) so time to make some changes to get off this plateau!

When the new bottle arrived from Las Vegas I had decided to try something different and take the drops 3 times a day instead of every 2 1/2 hours.  This apparently is not working for me. So that will change back! 

I have been keeping a food diary and I really don't see what I ate that is different from before, but maybe I need to change that around too.  I have learned from past dieting that sometimes you just need to make a few minor changes to get the desired results.  

Anyone have any suggestions for me?