Thursday, January 13, 2011

As any good Doctor would.....

Of course as I expected my doctor said NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I sat and listened to him rant and rave about how unhealthy the HCG diet is. How anyone that only ate 500 calories a day would lose weight!  He also said they would very quickly be malnourished. He yelled so loud the Nurse came in to see if everything was okay!  After about 45 mins of his raising his voice and going on and on about the importance of eating a well balanced "healthy" diet he looked at me and said  "So when are you starting?  I know you and know that you are not listening to a word I have just said! If you are so determined to do this I guess I will be seeing you on a weekly basis!"

Ahhhh   He does know me so well!   As I sit hear munching on a bag of peanut M&M's I AM making my plans to start this diet on Monday!  

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  1. lol! Good luck!! I will definitely be interested in how this works for you. I have some weight to lose after having my 3rd and have had such a hard time!! I can relate about the water. I think adding flavors to water makes it even nastier personally.