Sunday, January 23, 2011

Diet Day #7 HCG does work!

Amazed is the only word I can think of for how I am feeling today!  Yesterday was terrible!  It was probably one of the worst days feeling hungry!   And I actually ate more than the protocol allows.  I mean that in that my portion sizes were a bit larger than they should have been. So I was fully expecting when I got on the scale this morning to see either 1. no weight loss at all or 2. that i had maybe gained a pound or two. 

So I tried to bolster myself for that disappointed feeling (anyone who has been on a diet before knows exactly what I am talking about) and had even rehearsed the pep talk to myself in my head! Imagine my surprise when the scale read 196.6 lbs!   I am down another two pounds!   Thats a total of 8lbs!!  (9 if you include the pound I gained on the first couple of days on this diet). So yes I am totally amazed!  So far these HCG drops seem to be doing exactly what they promise to do! 

I am hoping that today is better in the hunger department though.  I suggest to anyone contemplating doing this diet to make sure that they have plenty to keep them busy to keep their mind off of eating. I re-read the book  (yes I say its a book at 96 pages) to see if there was something more I could do to help ward off the hunger feelings. The support that I got from Las Vegas HCG was wonderful with the suggestion that if I am hungry to just eat! (There are a few items that you can eat all you want if you are hungry Lettuce, Celery and Cucumbers) And to add lemon to my water (to give my stomach something to do) which I am going to try today.  

I have a family get together today which includes eating at a restaurant so I think this will really be a big test for me.  One of the "rules" in this diet say to try avoiding eating out. I will have to scour the menu to find something that will be appropriate and to leave most of it on the plate. Restaurant portions are ALWAYS to large for a balanced diet as it is! 

Here to hoping that I make it through this test today with flying colors! 

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