Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am a Criminal~~ I Share Recipes~~.Updated

For several years I have found many many awesome recipes on the Internet.
When I saved them, I did not think to "record the source" of where they came from.
I have enjoyed most of them, my family has benefited from them.
Some of them, they were not to our tastes.

I decided to share some of them on here and on our Facebook page.
I cannot believe the commotion this has caused.
I have been accused of being a "criminal" for posting these recipes because of "copyright infringement laws"
Who knew?

Some of the comments, emails and messages have been nasty and hurtful.
All of this over the sharing of recipes. 

Like the "sources" that I found these recipes from,
I have worked hard to build an audience to share them with.
Apparently even though these recipes are posted on the Internet,
some of them have been around for eons (before there even was an Internet),
they are not meant to be shared unless you credit the source?

So I have to ask myself...
Do these "sources" make money from someone sharing their recipes?
Am I taking food from their table by sharing them?
Am I physically hurting them in some way?
What is the actual harm in sharing them?
Personally, if someone took the time to share a recipe of mine I would be flattered.
 I am just flabbergasted over the controversy this has caused.

For the moment, I have removed all the "recipes" from this blog and our Facebook page. 
I do have all these recipes saved (as they have been for years)
And at some point they will be shared with you.

I meant no harm in sharing them.
If you are one of the persons that was effected by this,
I really do apologize.
I had no clue that sharing good eats was such a crime! 

When I first wrote this post I had just read several emails from "irate" people (to be unamed)
and was very upset. I did not appreciate the name calling and accusations that I received.
One person, took the time to explain to me what the whole deal about posting recipes is about.
I appreciate the time she took from her busy day to give me a good explanation as to the how and why's.
Without that one person taking a minute to explain I would never know.
Credit should be given where credit is due.
Thank You.