Thursday, January 13, 2011

It has started already.......

I haven't even started it yet and it has already consumed my brain!  All I can think about is this stupid diet! I so wish I was like the other millions of women in the world that was blessed by a skinny body!  You know the ones I am talking about..the ones that can eat everything in sight and never gain a pound!  The ones that never have to work at it!

In my past adventures I learned that losing weight is a complete lifestyle makeover. Its not something you can do for a short while then go back to your same way of life. Everything must change! Its a bit daunting to think of all the changes that are coming because lets face it change is not easy and a bit scary!

I am going to do this diet with the help of a product I won from Las Vegas I have read the booklet and must say that this diet plan seems a little drastic to me and may be just a bit unhealthy?  I have a Dr appt this morning and am going to check with him to see what he thinks.

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