Saturday, February 12, 2011

What I love about HCG!

I absolutely love HCG!   I am so happy to have found Las Vegas!   The thing about HCG that I love the most is that it REALLY WORKS!   

When you follow the Protocol yes you do and will lose 2+ pounds a day!  But you can also take a few days off, get right back on it and still lose!  I am still a a couple of pounds up from my last "break" period.  But its coming off again!   I took the break just to experiment a bit to see what works for me.  I am never one to follow the rules....I always need to see what I can do to bend them!  

I switched over to the HCG pellets for this go around.  I heard a lot of mixed reactions about them but I am finding them just as effective and maybe a bit easier to use.  Easier in that you don't have to "measure" the amount that you take (I had some issues with the drops thinking that I was either not getting enough or too much).  The taste of the pellets is a bit better to me too.   Today is my day to again start the VLCD (very low calorie diet) all over.  Even while following the first two days of protocol, I lost a pound!  (192.4) 

So VLCD here I out scales!   

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