Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Diet Day #16

This is one of the funniest pictures I have seen.....who ever heard of "Diet Water"??????  But I can almost guess that there are people out there desperate enough to buy this!

I had begun to think that my scales were broken and could'nt go below the 194.4 mark....but this morning it surprised me with a reading of 192.8!!   Thats  a total of 11.8lbs lost since I began!   I know that I would'nt have been able to do this on my own so I owe many thanks to Las Vegas!!

I went back to taking the drops every 2 1/2 hrs and drank more water (ugh!) and that seemed to help get me off the plateau I found myself on for the last few days.  And for the first time since I began this diet I was't hungry yesterday!   They say that you often confuse thirst for hunger.....maybe there is something to that.  But still with all the water I have been drinking you would think that I would just float away......

The one thing that I have not been able to stop using is the creamer for my coffee!  I do add the calories into my daily allotment, but I tried to drink it without and just cant do it.  I do recommend that you take the time to purchase some stevia....(you can find it in most grocery stores these days under the name Truvia).  It makes a world of difference!

So here's hoping for a couple of more pounds for today!  :0)

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