Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diet Updated......

Its been way too long since I had the time to post on here so I thought it was time to update my progress on my diet journey!

Recap:  I started using  the HCG drops from Las Vegas in January.  My starting weight was 204.6 lbs.  I did the 15 day "session" and lost 15lbs.   There were a few ups and downs, i dropped my bottle and broke it, I cheating here and there but overall was very happy with the results!

I wanted to take a few days break before starting another session.  One of the issues I have with the HCG diet drops is the measurements of the drops.  I am never quite sure if I am using too much or not enough.  So I purchased the "pellets" to begin my second round.  Then life stepped in and interrupted all my well laid plans.  I had visitors from out of town come to visit for a couple of weeks. It is really hard to maintain a diet plan when you are the "cook" for other members of the household. I also caught a cold and spent several days just feeling like garbage (am also over it). So I scrapped my plans and tried to just maintain the weight loss that I had already accomplished.  Welllllll  that didnt go so well either,. I am sad to say.  I put back on 4 of the pounds I lost.  But considering everything I felt that 4lbs was really not all that much.

I have since starting again and am on Day #3 of the VLCD.  I began with the drops (however today I am doing an experiment to see if I get the same results by using the pellets only) and am now at 189.6 which is back to my original 15lbs loss.  I have a goal of losing at least another 25-30 lbs.  So I still have a long way to go. One thing I have noticed so far this round, I am not nearly as hungry as I was the last time.

With all the dieting that I have done throughout my life,  I must admit that the HCG diet has been one of the easiest and most effective that I have done.  You do have to discipline yourself to stick to it.  I am going to try to keep the blog posts update on a daily basis as it helps me enormously to keep it honest.  

If you need to lose some weight and are contemplating a diet, I really do suggest you look into the HCG diet plan.   Las Vegas has been very helpful and supportive so go take a look around and see if this diet plan is for you!  I for one would just like to say a big THANKS to them for all the help I have gotten  :0)

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  1. I heard about this and done some reading on the HCG, but I'm not liking the diet. This is to make your body think that it is pregnant and 500 calories is way to low. I hope you seen my previous post and I hope I can help in some way, if nothing else motivation.