Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diet Day #17

There comes a day on EVERY diet that you just just know that no matter how hard you fight IT, you just know that there is not really anything you can do to stop IT, you just know to do IT and get IT out of your system!  IT = CHEAT!

Yesterday was my day!  I am not really sure what brings this feeling on, if its the thrill of doing something you know you are not supposed to or if its just the pull of all the social media (ie tv commercials, billboards, even radio adds) that are intended to make you WANT all the foods that you indulged in that made you overweight in the first place! I am probably way over analyzing the why's of this (most probably to have an excuse for it) but the fact remains that I gave in and did it!   Every single bite of that Burger King Chicken sandwhich was so good!  I savored every taste sensation it gave me! I could have stopped half way through as I already felt full but it was just so delicious I just couldnt stop myself!

The good news is that I didnt gain much from this, (only a few tenths of a pound--scale read 192.8 this morning) and I know that I can jump back in the saddle and continue on with my journey.  I feel that without the Las Vegas drops in my system this could have turned out a whole lot worse!

So here we go again..........

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