Monday, March 7, 2011

HCG Pellets vs Liquid

So yesterday I experimented by using the pellets in place of the HCG drops. The pros of the pellets is that they are much easier to measure.  The downside that I discovered was that I was STARVING all day!    I was advised to take an extra pellet or two than the recommended dosage for this very reason, which I did but still felt hungry all day!  The other downside is that I went back up to 190.8lbs!   I still followed the VLCD (very low calorie diet) but obviously have made the discovery that the pellets just don't work for me.
While I totally understand that its a personal choice, I for one will not be purchasing or using the pellets any longer.

I am not discouraged, and have gone back to the liquid form today.  I know that the pound I gained will be easily lost.   I really need to find me a measuring tape clothes fit different so I know that I am losing inches too but have not been keeping track. Maybe I can get them posted in tomorrows blog....

But as for my opinion of pellets vs drops.....the drops win hands down!  :0)


  1. Thanks! I was wondering about that, considering trying the pellets eventually. I think I may stick to the drops. :)

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