Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Got Dieting blues.....

All the diets I have done in my life had all had one thing in some point I always seem to get a major bad attitude!!   When you dont see the results you want the frustration sets in and it causes your whole world to go topsy- turvy!    You know that its bad when you dont even want to be around yourself with that kind of attitude!   I am so having one of those days!  

I have been "stalled" for the past few days at 189 lbs....I have gone over and over everything I have eaten, done, and cannot figure out why I am stalled. After a few days of this all that comes to mind is just forget are destined to be big and all I want to do is go eat what I want and how much I want! So instead of eating here I sit writing this blog trying to take my mind off of the I want to eat feeling.

AND I finally found a tape measure this morning and all I can say is UGH!!   Its worse than I imagined!!   I look in the mirror and to be honest I dont see where I look all that bad....however the numbers dont lie!

I got some great ideas from the ever helpful folks over at  Las Vegas  of some ideas to try to get off this plateau so am going to give it my best shot!   Its just so frustrating!  


  1. I've also stalled for the last 3 days... Come to find out if it's your TOM (Time of the month) you will stall and after your lovely Aunt Flo leaves you are suppose to have some great weight loss bringing your average back up.

  2. Don't give up!!! I am on my fitness journey and in the process of getting my personal trainer certification. Also, I have a blog. Check it out. Maybe, I can help. Just to give some info on me, I was weighing in at 165. Now, I'm 145. I look at inches lost, rather than pounds lost. Although, it has taken some time, it can be done. Losing weight is 90% diet and 10% working out. How many calories are you taking in & burning out. Need to do at least 30-45 minutes of cardio. Let's keep in touch, need motivation email me. Hope to hear from you.

  3. I have soooo been that way! I started taking a product that really works and changed my mood, its the cost that gets most people though...$50 a bottle, but lost over 30lbs from it. As they say muscle weighs more than fat. If you feel good about where you are right now, take a sledge hammer to that scale lol (that is what my hubby tells me).