Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cayenne Pepper ---Health Benefits

Worth Looking Into 

Cayenne Pepper is a miracle herb. It has been shown to stop heart attacks in 30 seconds flat, can hinder internal bleeding and induces cancer cell death without harming other cells. There have been reports where people who have had heart attacks and were lucky enough to have someone shove a teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed with water down their throat the heart attack halted almost immediately. You can also improve your digestive problems, cramping, and bloating or blood circulation with Cayenne Pepper.
Cayenne pepper has the ability to move the blood which is it an essential element in cleansing the body. If your blood circulation is working at its peak your body is able to process waste material better. Cayenne pepper speeds up the removal of toxins from your body when you are participating in colon cleansing but when used as a regular part of your diet can have enormous health and ongoing cleansing benefits. 
Cayenne pepper is very tasty and can be added to just about any vegetarian or savoury meal. 
Cayenne Pepper can also be added to your first aid kit for its antiseptic and antibiotic qualities for cuts and burns.
Extracted from "How to Detox Without Starving Yourself"

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