Monday, March 12, 2012

A Well Being Every BODY's Shake Review

63.1% of adults in the U.S. are becoming overweight or obese, exercising less, and eating unhealthy foods. 

I unfortunately have fallen in this category for most of my life. With today's busy lifestyle I find it hard to maintain a sensible eating pattern and more often than not I hardly pay attention to what I am eating. And yes it puts on the pounds quickly and easily.

I recently was offered the chance to try out and do a review on 
A Well Being's New Meal Replacement  

Not being a very big fan of anything chocolate (yes I know I am strange) I chose to review the Vanilla flavor. I mixed it up with several different fruits (fresh strawberries,mango, bananas) and my favorite coffee!  there really is no end to the possibilities that you can choose to add to these shakes to make them perfect for you.  Keep in mind that added the fresh fruits adds a bit to your calorie intake for the day. But I must admit my favorite mix of all was making it with coffee and ice. Like a smoothie. I was very surprised that at only 120 calories per shake the Every BODY's Protein Shake is a great way to lose some weight and still feel full.  Not making any other changes to my normal daily routine, I replaced my lunch with these everyday for a week and lost a total of 7lbs! I continued the next week using them as a breakfast replacement and lost another 5lbs!  That's a total of 12lbs just by using the Every BODY's Protein Shake for one of my meals each day!

Over at A Well Being you will find great customer service, fast shipping and a variety of products to help YOU make yourself a better YOU!  I have used several of their products and have yet to be disappointed!

 I highly recommend that you give them a try! 

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