Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Madness Has Begun!

I am finding it frustrating that Facebook is making all these changes that they claim are to "help" small business owners and yet all it seems to be doing is making most of them want to close up shop!  There are many business pages that are small Mom and Pop shops that do not have the funds available to purchase the required "platform applications" nor the knowledge to develop their own!   I am hearing rumors of pages being deleted already and its only been a few days since the new contest and promotion policies were released!  
What is to become of these hard working WAHM's that are doing everything they can to help make ends meet in an economy that seems to be worsening (despite the Presidents assurance that its getting better---NOT) and to make such changes during the Holiday season when every penny counts!   Shame on you Facebook!!  From every aspect it appears that all you are trying to do is make money for the companies that already have the funds to conduct business on a larger scale!


  1. I agree 100% FB is making MILLIONS & the rest of us WAHM's are struggling to make ends meet & just HOPE that we have a little extra for Christmas. It is so frustrating & disappointing ... Perhaps we should go back to MySpace LOL

  2. I agree. Instead of them welcoming all the extra people using FB, they're pushing people away. I'm very angry about this! I just started my shop up about a month ago, I was looking forward to growing fans. I have 3 children and no time to figure out how to use different site so I can follow their rules.
    It started off with FB claiming smaller companies are riding on their back (I.e. Lamebook) and now this. Shame on you fb!

  3. I agree with Just Jenuwine! We should all go relearn Myspace, they're trying so hard to come back to life, I'm sure they would appreciate us.

  4. Link Bug will still help as many pages as I can to promote their business and product! I will continue to keep on top of this situation and make it work that you will still be able to sell your products!

  5. Brenda ~

    I saw another group doing this:
    F&G has started on an exciting new venue! Fan Reviews!!

    What is a fan review?

    -- Shops cotact F&G that are interested in allowing a member of our fan page to review an item. A reviewer is selected to review and item for the shop. Once the reviewer has tried the item they will contact the shop and F&G with the review! F&G will place the review in their blog and on their fan page!

    F&G also does reviews so if you would like F&G to personally do a review please let us know.

    If you are interested in letting us review your product please email us

    Is this feasible ?!

  6. I was at that page earlier this has possibilities of working however in MY opinion it still needs some fine tuning before they actually put it into motion. The issue F&G is going to run into is the "name" of their page. You cannot make a name change unless you have less than 100 fans. Their name in itself goes against all the new guidelines :0(